Sunday, February 6, 2011

Milwaukee Bucks Mid-Week Report - Week 15

The final few hours of wait before the Super Bowl can be excruciating. Let's take your mind off it.

Welcome to the Week 15 Version of the
Milwaukee Bucks Mid-Week Report:

Last week we gushed about the excitement of a winning streak. This time it's all about the losing streak. Unfortunately the Milwaukee Bucks season has been full of inconsistencies, ups and downs, and too many question marks. It's hard to put all of the blame on injury issues and the team's outrageously-difficult schedule, but it's also hard to not put the blame on those things. Fans might forever group this season into the "what could have been" category. They are a team with a lot of fight and some great individual pieces, but with little to no team identity. Supporters should still keep the faith in General Manager John Hammond and the long term plan he has for this team.

What We Have Seen:
We have seen the Milwaukee Bucks lose 4 straight games to some poor quality teams. Perhaps that just means that the Bucks are a poor quality team. I don't believe that to be the case, but the record is what it is. How a team can play well against the good teams and play poorly against the lesser teams, it just makes no sense.

What We Have Not Seen:
We haven't seen the Bucks' injury issues get any better. If fact, even with the slow return of Brandon Jennings and John Salmons, setbacks to Andrew Bogut and Drew Gooden have forced the team to go with a smaller lineup. Clearly they haven't done well with a smaller lineup.

What We Wish We Would Have Seen:
We wish we would have seen the Bucks play better against Detroit. Milwaukee plays in arguably the worst division in the NBA, and is 3-5 against the rest of the division. That number there is a poor reflection on the season as a whole.

What We Wish We Would Have Not Seen:
We hate seeing the Bucks fall to a season-worst 11 games under .500. A 19-30 record could translate a sub-.500 record at the end of the year unless the team goes on a huge run in the second half of the season. That would be quite the disappointment for a team some predicted to get 50 wins.

What We Wish We Could See But It Has Not Happened Yet So Therefore We Cannot See It:
 We're waiting for the All-Star break. It will be some much-needed time off for the Bucks. They'll have a lot to talk about as the season gets close to winding down.

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